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Positions (2010)


A 1 year postdoctoral position, starting in 2011 or 2012, will be opened in the context of the ANR STARSHOCK (2009-2012) on Experimental study of astrophysical hypersonic flows relevant to YSOs .

he postdoc will be associated to the design and to the preparation of new experiments on radiative shocks with high-energy kJ lasers. Together with the researcher working on the production of synthetic spectra of laboratory shocks, he will run simulations to select the best set of shock conditions (pressure and composition) and the most judicious choices of X-ray spectroscopic diagnostics in order to probe plasma conditions in the shock front and the radiative flux variations with the position of the diagnostic. He will contribute to the development of the spectrometer. The postdoc will be based at CEA-Saclay.

Expertise in experimental plasma physics required.

Contact : Frédéric Thais (Frederic.Thais AT cea.fr)

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