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Numerical tools

Our activity requires several numerical tools in various fields :

The preparation of experimental campaigns on large scale lasers are performed with the MULTI 1D code developed by Ramis. This public code allows to treat the radiation hydrodynamics properties, the laser matter interaction. Radiation may be described within multigroup transfert. MULTI is able to describe targets with different materials.

MULTI and other hydrocodes require state of art microscopic quantities. In order to compensate for lack of available data, we have developped our own tools, like OPACS which can compute such opacities, cooling functions, equation of state and average ionic charge for pure elements or mixture of elements. OPACS, based uppon the hydrogenic model has the advantage to be a very fast and versatile numerical tool.

These two codes allow to perform experimenal design and rapid interpretation of the experimental data . But, we use also state of art 3D MHD and RHD codes and modern spectroscopic codes:

  • GORGON is a 3D eulerian MHD code, which is developped in collaboration between LERMA, Imperial College.
  • HERACLES (Gonzalez et al. AA 464, 429, 2007) is a 3D radiative hydrocode, which is developped at CEA SAP and Instituo de Fusion Nuclear at Madrid.
  • CHOC-SPEC is a radiative post-processing tool which is developed in LERMA and University of Maryland by T. Lanz and C. Stehlé
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