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News of February

Radiative shocks at PALS: towards the quasi-stationary limit

Radiative shock waves propagating in xenon at a low pressure have been produced using 60 Joules of InfraRed 1.3 microns iodine laser at PALS centre. The shocks have been probed by XUV imaging using a Zn X-ray laser (XRL) generated with a 20-ns delay after the shock creating pulse. Auxiliary high-speed Silicon diodes allowed performing space- and time-resolved measurement of the XUV and visible plasma self-emission. The results show the generation of a shock wave propagating at 60 km/s preceded by a radiative precursor. This demonstrates the feasibility of radiative shock generation using high power InfraRed lasers and the use of XRL backlighting as a suitable diagnostic for shock imaging.

Complementary experiments are foreseen.


C. Stehlé, Kozlova M., Larour J., Nejdl J., Champion N., Barroso P., Suzuki-Vidal F., Acef O., Delattre P.A., Dostal J., Krus M., Chièze J.-P., Optics Communications, Vol 285, 64-69 (2012) Reprint

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