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Radiative shocks at PALS: towards the quasi-stationary limit

Radiative shock waves are characterized by a developed radiative precursor. They are present in astrophysics in the early phase of the star life. Experiments are necessary to understand their physical properties and radiative signatures. We present here the first study over long times scales (∼50 ns) of experimental radiative shocks, performed at the PALS laser facility. The goal is to reach a quasi-stationary limit, where the ionisation and shock fronts propagate at the same velocity, which is interesting for code benchmarking. The feasibility of rear face XUV spectroscopy is also proved. Targets (image) have been manufactured at the Pôle Instrumental de l'Observatoire de Paris.

Figure 1 : Targets for radiative shock experiments at PALS.


" Experimental study of radiative shocks at PALS facility"
C. Stehlé,M. Gonzalez, M. Kozlova, B. Rus, T. Mocek, J.P. Colombier, T. Lanz, N. Champion, K. Jakubczak, J. Polan, P. Barroso, D. Bauduin, E. Audit, M. Stupka,
2010arXiv1003.2739S (2010), Laser and Particle Beams (2010), 208, 253-261 Reprint

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