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OPACS code

OPACS is a radiative tool, developped by C. Stehlé , which allows to compute opacities, ionisation stages and emissivities with a simple and rapid model: OPACS uses a screened hydrogenic model, where bound electrons are distributed on shells described only by principal quantum number n. Exchange and electron interactions effects are included through screening constants taken from Moore [1]. OPACS includes pressure ionisation effects and allows to compute energy levels, ETL ionic populations, trough Saha equation, and also internal electronic energy, monochromatic and integrated opacities. OPACS has been used for radiative shock modelling in various gases [2,3]


[1] R.M. More, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Report, UCRL-84991, (1981)

[2] C. Stehlé, J.P. Chièze, proceedings of SF2A, 24-29 juin 2002, Paris, ed. by F. Combes and D. Barret (2002), Reprint

[3] C. Michaut, C. Stehlé, S. Leygnac, T.Lanz, European Phys. Journal 28, 381 (2004), Reprint

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