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Facilities and labs

High energy laser Installations

We have obtained allocation time on various facilities like

  • Laboratoire pour l'Utilisation des Lasers Intenses (LULI) in Palaiseau
  • Prague Asterix Laser System (PALS) in Prague,
  • ALISE laser at CEA/CESTA Bordeaux
  • Ligne d'Int├ęgration Laser at CEA/CESTA Bordeaux

Z pinch

  • MAGPIE is a z pinch facility of Imperial College.

Scientific organisations

  • We are members of Institut of Laser Plasma, which his in charge of the promotion of the dense laser plasma activity in France, (ILP)
  • Our experiments on PALS laser are partly funded by I3 laserlab (Laserlab)


  • Plasmas activity at Paris 6 ( University Pierre et Marie Curie ) is described in this (page)
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